Who is Goofy Grandad?

Joseph B. Heckstall is none other than "Mr. Energizer." He is a successful lecturer, TV talk show host, trainer, and radio commentator. Mr. Heckstall has spent numerous years sharing his message of power and success based on his philosophy of "Powerfilled Thinking," which reminds his audience that "there are no limited opportunities, only limited thoughts." If you are familiar with Atlanta’s radio community, you will know that it was Joe who encouraged you to "get a checkup from the neck up."

A native of New York City, Joe earned his undergraduate degree from Saint Augustine College in Raleigh, North Carolina. He credits this experience as being the one that saved him from becoming a victim of peer pressure and negative lifestyles that befall many youth growing up in inner city environments. With a genuine compassion for people and sensitivity towards those who grapple with the impact of changing social and economic conditions that affect the quality of life, Joe embarked upon a career as a public servant, corporate trainer, and consultant. As such, he was formerly a city councilman in East Point, Georgia, and has served as a member of the Georgia House of Representatives.

Joe’s career has also spanned other disciplines. He has worked as a real estate and mortgage salesman. In corporate America two Fortune 500 companies have benefited from his service as a personnel assistant. To further nurture his love for people, Joe has also been a teacher, as well as a teen counselor. He is also certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnotherapy Language, which are innovative approaches to understanding and directing human experiences, communication, and behavior.

Joe’s most recent venture is that of an entrepreneur. In September 2005, he released his first book, Grandparents Aren’t Goofy: Yes They Are, Too. The humorous side of Joe is captured in this book as he gives encounters from his own experience of the joy of grand parenting.

Joe and his wife, Andrea, have four children, an adopted niece, and three grandchildren. They reside in the city of Atlanta.