An Interview for Goofy Grandad

Why pink and yellow?

Colors put a stamp on the heart and mind. Yellow is to stamp happy, and pink is to stamp love.

Why the name Goofy Grandad?

Because I am the silliest Grandad in the world. My granddaughter always used to say "You are so goofy." And I thought, "You know what? I am goofy because I believe in having fun. If that means I need to be goofy, then that's what I'll be. As Goofy Grandad, I’ll keep getting older but I’ll never grow up!"

Is Goofy Grandad religiously based?

Goofy Grandad is spiritually based, which incorporates anyone who believes in love. Love is a foundation that covers all, regardless of religion.

What age group does Goofy Grandad appeal too?

Goofy Grandad has a wide range of appeal including "kidz" from 2-8, grandparents, and the parents that are sandwiched in the middle. All are welcome to come along for the joyous ride.

What do you think is the most important part of Goofy Grandad?

I believe in the oneness of humanity and "Together we make life better."

Are you available to speak to an audience?

I speak to anyone who wants to hear about love, harmony, and peace. Life can be better at any age if you practice the positiveness of love, harmony, and excitement in a fun and humorous way.

Is there any evidence that positive thinking works?

All holy books, such as the Bible, the Koran, and Bhagavad Gita, speak about the positiveness of belief, and the restorative power of the body when love harmony and peace are practiced. Spiritual words that flow from the soul.